What Should You Expect On Your First Visit With Us?


At Lieberman Family Chiropractic we are dedicated to serving the community of Rome, and Northwest Georgia. Our passion is to enable the patients we see to function at their optimal levels by removing nerve interference caused by Vertebral Subluxations. We serve people of all ages from newborn infants to the elderly and take great pride in our family oriented practice. The goal of our office is to keep the body as healthy as possible so that it can effectively heal itself from the inside out.

Beginning on your first visit we will show you how to sign in at the front desk. This allows us to know you are here and better facilitate your visit. You will do this every visit from here on.

After being greeted at our office you will be asked to fill out our New Patient forms unless you have already done so on our website. We strongly encourage you to do them online as it will save 10-15 minutes in the office. The forms can be found in the "New Patient Center" under New Patient Forms. The information on these forms is very important to the doctors so they can take the best possible care of you and, or, your loved ones.

Next you will be brought into our consultation room. Here, you will watch a short video explanation, after which, the doctor will discuss your health history, and reason for being here. A Chiropractic examination will then be performed and the doctor will decide if X-rays are necessary. The purpose of this exam is to determine whether or not we can help you in this office. If subluxations are found in the exam, then we can help.

After your initial examination, the doctor will invite you to relax in our waiting room while your examination findings are analyzed and the x-rays are read. Our waiting room has a variety of reading materials that we encourage you to peruse to begin to understand the nervous system and the effect of a Chiropractic adjustment. We at Lieberman Family Chiropractic feel that education is a very important part of a person's care.

If a Vertebral Subluxation was found during your exam, the doctor will perform an adjustment to the spine. An adjustment is a gentle, specific, scientific force that is introduced into the body through the use of the doctor's hands. This force allows the body to facilitate movement of the vertebra back into their proper alignment and allows for improved nerve system communication. Some adjustments make a "popping" noise and some do not. That sound is merely a pressure release from a joint.

After your adjustment, one of our chiropractic assistants will complete your visit at the front desk by making an appointment for our Doctors Report. The Doctor's Report begins with general chiropractic information, followed by, one on one time with the doctor regarding your x-ray findings, care plan, and financial information. Spouses are strongly encouraged to attend due to the amount of information presented and to help make these health decisions.