Tell us your chiropractic story...

Before chiropractic care:
I had taken so much Tylenol and Advil for my back and leg pain that my liver enzyme count was elevated.

Now that I’m (my family is) under chiropractic care:
I just threw away a full bottle of pain reliever that had gone out of date… I don’t need them for my back anymore! I just come see Dr. Brian and Dr. Pat instead!

Name: Lynne B. 

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Before chiropractic care: I was facing surgery on my left middle finger and I had a muscle atrophied in my right shoulder.

Now that I’m (my family is) under chiropractic care: No surgery, full use of my left hand. My shoulder muscle is growing back.

Name: Ken B. 

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Before chiropractic care: I had severe headaches and sinuses, and my husband had chronic lower back pain.

Now that I’m (my family is) under chiropractic care: My headaches are few and far between, and the sinus issue is gone. My husband no longer loses sleep due to back pain, and his neck is straightened out. We both don’t get sick with colds or flu. We’ve been going regularly for 5 years and will continue to receive chiropractic care!

Name: Reyne T. 

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Before Chiropractic Care:    Two lifts of heavy unconscious victims following unsuccessful CPR seriously injured my lower back. I have had severe pain and left leg impairment for 15 years.

How long have been under Chiropractic Care: 2 months

What changes have you noticed: Very big reduction in pain, to “near none” sometimes. Left leg has had much increase in strength. Return of full digestive health, with only Chiropractic Care as the only lifestyle change, was an unexpected, added benefit.

What is the most profound thing you are learning? Your nerves and spine control the body to a greater extent than I realized. I can walk nearly normal now, for much greater distances, and am largely pain-free most of the time. The decreased pain and increase mobility is beyond any dollar value.

Name: David W.

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Before Chiropractic Care:    Could not move right arm without it hurting excessively.  Achiness and tiredness.  Back problems and mobility problems.

Now that I am under Chiropractic Care:    Much more mobility and less pain.  Cognitive ability much much improved.  Much more able to be active and do household projects.  More energy and improved mental health due to comraderie and friendliness of your staff.

Name: Wayman and Jerry Ann H.  

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Ella and Logan's story:  They are naturally conceived twins that were a wonderful surprise.  The twins were born Feb 22.  At birth Ella weighed 3lbs 11.6oz, and Logan weighed 4lbs 1.2oz.  They spent 20 days between NICU and NIU before coming home on March 11th (their daddy’s Birthday).  Ella developed acid reflux while in the NICU/NIU.  She was on Reglan, Zantac, and came home on Prevacid.  Ella cried all the time, would projectile vomit, and had to lay at an angle.  It was heart wrenching to see her suffer.

We took Ella and Logan to Lieberman Family Chiropractic when they were a little over 2 months old. Ella weighed less than 5lbs, Logan weighed less than 6lbs.  The first visit, Ella had an immediate positive response.  She did not cry, did not spit up and slept through the night.  Within a month I had weened her off Prevacid.

Over a year later there has been no return episode of the acid reflux.  In fact, Ella and Logan have never been sick- they are very healthy.  Neither one takes any medicine and they continue to meet all the milestones of full term babies.

We are very grateful to Dr. Brian and Dr. Pat for helping the “twinks” stay well.

Names: Michael, Menta, Ella and Logan 


Now that I am under chiropractic care:  I have stopped coughing, which was the main reason I started.  I also sleep better at night. I seem to have more energy and less stress.

Name: Arnold B.

Before Chiropractic Care: I had some bed-wetting, extreme stress and sleepless nights. The stress affected
Now that I am under Chiropractic Care: I sleep better and my stress and bed-wetting have decreased. I am now able to read my body better. 
Name: Tiffany B
Before Chiropractic Care:  I was taking medicine daily for my high blood pressure and allergies. 
Now that ia m under Chiropractic Care: I was able to eliminate my blood pressure and allergy medication. And now I feel more whole. I have more energy and I feel like I am just working better.
Name: John C.

General Health and Well Being

Chiropractic (and Bradley) have made me re-examine the way I approach healthcare~ most importantly, to trust my body and get out of its way~ It’s smarter that I am!

Name: Lisa B.

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I am proud of the fact that I have not had to have any pain medication. I think the care provided here is the blessing for this.

Name: Kimberly S.

We like coming to see everyone at LFC! Dr. Brian and Dr. Pat make us feel so-o-o good and we keep coming back- for 11 years.

Names: Ellie and Tom H.

My children and I have been coming here for 6 years. My children and hardly ever sick- my youngest has only been to the doctor for 1 sick visit (a cold). My oldest has avoided tubes in her ears (ear problems are completely gone). My youngest “asthma” is GONE as well. I could go on and on. I love Dr. Pat and Dr. Brian!

Names: Mary R., Sophia (8) and Marilyn (6)