Meet The Staff

Rachel Lieberman
Office Manager

Rachel Lieberman is Dr. Brian's wife and has a teaching degree but fell in love with chiropractic and gave up teaching to manage the office. Rachel is often behind the scenes handling payroll and accounting but loves to visit with patients and help out in any way she can. Rachel and Dr. Brian have two children, Bre and Blake, two pups, Dakota and Molly.


April Helton
Chiropractic Assistant "CA"

April Helton has been with Lieberman Family Chiropractic for what will be a year in February. She is an integral part of the brains behind why LFC runs so smoothly. April  does the work of two and always does it with a smile. April is a mother of four, grandmother to Kasey and wife to Clint Helton.

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Madison Taylor
Chiropractic Assistant "CA"

Madison has been with LFC, 2 years in May 2023. Madison is a vital piece to the office. You will mainly find Madison standing in the open adjustment area taking notes. You can also find her helping in other areas around the office, wherever she is needed, Madison is there. Aside from working here she is also a full time college student, babysitter and a dogsitter.

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